Secretary: Jeanne Bishop:



Executive Director: Robert Bishop

            When I gave my life to Christ in 1990, I soon realized how my life would have been different if this life changing event had happened before the age of 30.  As a young Christian I spent the first 12 years of my new life in Christ teaching Sunday school to kids from kindergarten to 6th grade.  It was during my first mission trip to the San Carlos Apache Indian reservation that I realized the need to reach marginalized, economically challenged and, at-risk-children.  It was this calling that drove me to reach out to children on the streets of Santa Ana and the Orange County Juvenile Hall.  I started working with kids on the street after completing my M.A. in Intercultural Studies at Hope International University in 2012.  I am currently and have been a Bible study volunteer with Pacific Youth Correctional Ministry for eight years and have volunteered with Lives Worth Saving Gang Intervention in the past.  I founded Christ Before You Urban Ministry so that I could use the benefits of a nonprofit corporation to pursue my heart’s desire to make an impact for Christ in the inner city.

History of Christ Before You Urban Ministry

Christ Before You Urban Ministry was officially founded on December 31, 2014, as 501 3c Nonprofit Corporation, but our ministry work started in March of 2012 in a neighborhood in Santa Ana, CA.  The purpose of this organization is to impact “At Risk Youth” that live in the lower income neighborhoods of Orange County California. 

 Rob was moved to start working with these youth in their neighborhoods after realizing a need while volunteering with Pacific Youth Correctional Ministry in Orange County Juvenile Hall.  For many “At Risk Youth” there aren’t many safe and healthy activities available within walking distance of their homes; and if there are, they can be obstructed by rival gang territories.  His vision is to set up locations were youth can participate in weekly activities with dedicated adults that can be positive role models. 

 For the past four years Christ Before You Urban Ministry (CBY) has provided a weekly art, mentoring, and bible study at 1818 South Evergreen St. in Santa Ana CA. The Saturday program is well known on the street with regular attendance ranging from fifteen to twenty five elementary to high school children.  In addition to the weekly activities we take children on at least one field trip a month.  These field trips have proven to be a great way to build relationships with the youth and to learn what is really happening in their lives.  Our approach is to be involved in the youth’s lives so that we can have a positive impact on them and to help guide their life choices.

Our primary objective is to establish personal relationships with each child so that we can help meet their emotional and spiritual needs.  We believe that best way to do this is through weekly contact.  As is the case with any affective faith based youth organization there must be a balance between fun, educational and faith building activities.  We hope that our activities will improve safety and health of the neighborhoods that work.

 If you have any questions about our operation please contact: us.